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What is rise?

RISE is a two-day conference designed, curated, and produced by Rachel Hollis. Rise is a cultivated space where women from every walk of life can come together to be inspired, supported and enveloped in a community. As always, RISE weekend will be the perfect balance of loving encouragement and straight-up kicking your butt! Expect to be energized and motivated. Expect to cry and laugh and maybe drink too much wine. Expect to reconnect with those dreams and goals you’ve been carrying around for years without any idea of what to do with them. Expect to dream. Expect to be inspired. Expect to RISE.


RISE Weekend is our two-day event where woman from every walk of life come together to get motivated.  Expect to make a hundred new friends. Expect to laugh until you pee your pants (just a little). Expect to cry: day one covers some very emotional topics. Expect to feel empowered: day two focuses on how to see your past as the strength to propel you into the future.


Rise Together is an event for couples in a romantic relationship who want to: grow together, work through a rough season, rekindle the romance, have a weekend away to reconnect or learn some tangible advice for improving their relationship. 


The Rise Tour is where you find a community, feel Inspired, and focus on your GOAL in one special night as we bring RISE Weekend to a city near you! Click on the button below to get more information about the The Rise Tour.