June 9th – We rise

We believe that building a community for encouragement is a fundamental key to growing as a person or chasing down your dreams. We can't do this alone. So as a team we decided that the perfect way to kick off our weekend was to create a space that encourages friendship, laughter, accountability, wine consumption and all the things we find when we gather around a table of good friends. This event, this weekend is the Chic Tribe in real life. The encouragement you receive daily online will be in person and probably with wine. We will laugh until we pee our pants and we will reach for tissues.  And all of this will be together. Because together, we rise. Friday's schedule will include evening programming.

June 10th – You Rise

Day TWO is about YOU. You as a person and you as an individual. You as a mom, CEO, sister, daughter, friend, boss, girlfriend, and wife. So many other women's conferences exist solely to meet you where you are, and that's incredible. But girl, this is not that conference. As Chic Tribe members this community doesn't believe in settling. This community says you're enough just as you are... but doesn't believe that you were made to stay there! The first step in getting somewhere is figuring out where you are. Saturday will include a full day of programming.