Got questions? We have answers. Read through our FAQ's below, and if you can't find what you're looking for, shoot us a message!


Where is RISE?
The RISE conference will be held in Los Angeles at the Alex Theatre. This time includes Friday and Saturday 9am - 6pm. The VIP Garden Party for VIP ticket holders will be at the Hollis House Thursday evening. Our Saturday night Dance Party will also be held off-site, TBD.

Who should come?
YOU! Like we said before there is no criteria that you have to meet to attend. This though is for those who want to leave knowing more people and knowing themselves better. This includes the dreamer, the creative, the mom, the CEO, the inspired. All of it, all of you.

What if I’ve never been to a conference before?
Come anyways. But seriously, it’s scary going somewhere new with people you may not know. We will be there with you walking you through it. Plus, this isn’t your typical conference. You will fit right in.

What is there to eat around here?
There is so much to do and eat in Los Angeles! Check out our favorite spots for good grub on our City Guide page!

How do I get the most out of this conference?
A major theme is that you will get out of this what you put into it. We hope that you know that we are giving our all to make this the most amazing weekend for you and your friends. But we can't grow and have fun for you. Girl, you gotta do this! You will be equipped to do those things but it’s your decision to RISE.

What does the schedule look like?
Thursday night is a VIP only Garden Party at the Hollis House. Friday and Saturday is theater style seating, with breakout groups, panels, and talking to each other. And on Saturday, the sessions will be followed of course by a dance party (theme to come).

When is the Garden Party for VIP ticket-holders?
The VIP Garden Party is on Thursday, 5-7pm at the Hollis House.

Do I need a rental car?
The option is yours! It’s really easy to rent a car through the LAX Airport and if you plan on sightseeing etc. it’s probably a good idea. Otherwise, feel free to take an Uber wherever you go!

Do you have reserved hotel blocks?
We do not have any hotel blocks reserved, but we listed a few hotels we recommend in our City Guide. You should also feel free to room with other attendees & turn the weekend into a sleepover!

I am flying in!
YAY! Burbank is the closest airport to us, but LAX may have more flight options available, so we recommend checking both!

Does my ticket include both days?
Yes, your ticket includes Friday - Saturday. There are also tickets available for our Saturday night dance party if that’s your style! And if you purchase a VIP ticket you will also get a Thursday night Garden Party ticket as well as a ticket to the dance party!

Is my food included?
No, but good thing there’s tons of amazing food in the area! If you need some suggestions the Chic HQ team put together a list of our faves you can see here.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy?
Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for lost, stolen, damaged or unused tickets after purchase. We highly recommend picking up your ticket at will call rather than printing it out yourself just to be sure you don’t lose it!

Is there a limit to the number of VIP tickets I can purchase?
Yes! To make sure as many people as possible can get VIP tickets we are limiting it to 4 VIP tickets per transaction. There are 100 VIP tickets available total, so be sure to grab one fast!


What will I get out of this?
Whatever you put into it. We will provide so many opportunities for growth and connection but girl, it’s up to you to do the hard work. To talk to someone new, to do something scary, to lean it. Lean in with us.

What should I wear?
Girl do you. There will be ladies in blazers, jeans, heels, vans (we can guarantee this, because that's what we are currently wearing at the CHICHQ)

What if I don’t know anyone?
Our hope is that when you leave RISE you walk away knowing people you didn’t know before. Hopefully friends you can have wine with and grow with. When you get your confirmation email, you will find a link to the RISE | Los Angeles Facebook group. That way you can start meeting the women you will be hanging out with now.

What should I bring?
Bring yourself! We suggest bringing something to take notes in during our day sessions. If you purchase a ticket to our Saturday night dance party, be sure to bring something to wear matching the theme (which we’ll announce in our Facebook group!)

Is there parking on site?
The Alex Theater doesn’t have a parking lot on site, but there is metered parking in the area and we can validate parking at these three structures:

Orange Street Parking Garage
222 N. Orange St., Glendale, CA 91203

Exchange Parking Garage
115 N. Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA 91206

Glendale Marketplace Garage
120 S. Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA 91205

What if I want time in Los Angeles?
Girl, take the whole week off! Make it a vacay! We highly recommend making RISE your excuse for a girls trip ;) There’s so much to explore in LA, so take as much time as you can!

How should I get my ticket?
Once you buy a ticket you can choose to print it out yourself, or pick up at will call. We highly recommend waiting and picking up at will call! If you print your ticket & lose it, unfortunately you won’t be able to get a new one.

Do I need a separate ticket for the dance party?
Yes! The Saturday night dance party requires a separate ticket (unless you purchased a VIP ticket – then it’s included!)

Special needs or requests?
We would love to honor any special needs or requests. Please contact us by March 24th with any special needs or requests.

Is seating assigned?
There is no assigned seating. However, there are reserved sections depending on which level ticket you purchase. Take a look at our seating chart here!

Can I upgrade my ticket after purchase?
Yes! If you want to upgrade your ticket please contact the Alex Theatre.

Can I buy a ticket there?
Yes, you can buy a ticket day of, but we highly recommend purchasing in advance as we expect the conference to sell out!

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Yes! If you need to transfer your ticket (or if you bought a ticket for someone else) give the Alex Theatre a call and let them know you want to transfer your ticket.

What if my question is not listed here?
We would love to answer any other questions you might have! Send us an email at info@letsrise.co or fill out this form