Rise Together is an event for couples in a romantic relationship who want to: grow together, work through a rough season, rekindle the romance, have a weekend away to reconnect or learn some tangible advice for improving their relationship. As always, we welcome every kind of person into our community. That means couples from every walk of life, every kind of background, every religion, every orientation, every political affiliation, every season are welcome and we can’t wait to meet you. We believe everyone in a romantic relationship should be encouraged to work on their goals and dreams together.



**In an effort to create an intimate setting conducive to real and honest work, we will only be selling 200 tickets to this event. Each ticket includes event entry for two people.

Tickets are $1,795 and include admission for two. Tickets are transferable but not refundable. Hotel stay is not included. And you must be 21+ to attend this event.


Some questions and some answers.

See the most frequently asked questions below. Click on the “faq” to reveal the answer.


+ Hey Rach, who’s this event for?

Couples in a romantic relationship who are looking to grow together OR looking for tools to navigate through a rough season OR looking for an excuse to get away and eat chips and queso and make out like a couple of teenagers… or all of the above!

+ Wow, you guys are relationship experts?

Nope. No way, absolutely not. What we are is a couple who has been together for 16 years-- we’ll celebrate 14 years of marriage next week over martinis and over-priced filets! We’re a couple who is managing two full time careers while raising four children. We’re a couple who is dedicated to having an exceptional marriage and we spend a ton of time intentionally working for that outcome. We’re also a couple who is really, really good at throwing conferences that change people’s lives and end with a themed dance party… just ask anyone who’s attended Rise.

+ Why did you decide to throw a couples conference?

Because we don’t feel like there are enough people talking about the nitty, gritty real life stuff associated with having a great relationship. Because there aren’t enough real life couples telling the truth about how hard it is to navigate intimacy, communication, raising children, walking through trauma etc and we wanted to create a space where couples from every religion, every walk of life, every season, every race, every orientation and every background can find community and a chance to pour into each other.

+ What are we going to talk about?

Just like with every Rise conference we’ll start with where we’re at as individuals because you can’t be strong as a couple if you aren’t whole as individuals. How does our past affect our present? How does our perspective affect our day? How can our gratitude change every single part of our life for the better? Then we’ll dig into the elements that serve as a foundation for a great relationship: Intentionality, communication, sex, friendship, team work, core values and personal growth.


Line Hotel in Austin, TX | September 21st + 22nd


Still unsure about RISE TOGETHER? Check out the RISE TOGETHER facebook page and see what other couples are saying. This weekend is going to be one for the books. Click on the link below to jump in!

Wanna see whats actually going to be going down for the RISE TOGETHER? We get it, its hard to walk into something like that blind. Click on the link below to see the schedule and get a ticket while they are still there!



Dedicate this time to spend with your partner away from the distractions of your everyday lives. Take a jog along the river, try out one of the million incredible restaurants in downtown Austin, or soak up the sun at The Line’s pool. This is your opportunity to focus on your relationship and remember what it was like when you were first dating. Not sure what to do that day? We'll have fun optional activities (did someone say scavenger hunt?!) to help facilitate an unforgettable weekend!



We are hosting a fiesta at a favorite downtown restaurant! We will treat you to cocktails and appetizers plus music and mingling with other couples who are as dedicated to growing in their relationship as you are. You can stay for a romantic dinner on your own, or explore other restaurants in downtown Austin.



Every Rise Event is built to be a mix of loving encouragement and a straight-up kick in the butt! Most relationships fizzle out and die not because you’re not well-suited but because you become complacent or lazy in your pursuit of your partner. Let’s get real about what it looks like to build an exceptional and lasting relationship. Rachel, Dave and special guests will take you through a full day of programming. Some of the topics include:

- Learn to Communicate Effectively - How do you talk about hard things? How do you disagree without alienating your partner? How do you ensure that boo feels your love? How do you make sure they love you back in the way you’d prefer?

- How to Plan for Success - With two full-time careers and four children, Rach and Dave are intentional about planning for their week and their future. They’re constantly planning for everything from what’s for dinner on Tuesday to where do we want to be financially in five years? They’ll take you through the tangible tips to get on top of your chaos and propel yourself forward.

- Romance + Intimacy - Both are vital to a healthy and lasting relationship but for some people, this is incredibly hard to discuss without hurt feelings or damaged pride. We’ll talk through our own journey with intimacy: from date nights, to the years after our first baby where our sex life was terrible. Learn how we were intentional about focusing on our relationship to lead to the best sex life ever! Just the thought of discussing this on stage makes Rachel turn beet red… but we don’t feel like enough people talk about this process so we’re going to be very transparent here. She’ll try not to giggle awkwardly throughout.

- Finance, Children, In-Laws, Hard Seasons, Infidelity… We’re talking through everything we can think of to help all the couples in the crowd find the right tools and the right language to help their relationship thrive.

** Lunch at the hotel is included with your ticket price.

Saturday Night


It wouldn't be a RISE event without a... DANCE PARTY! Our favorite DJ will be spinning while we enjoy cocktails and a Photo Booth and every other fun thing we can think of. This year’s theme: Famous Couples! Use your imagination to come up with something awesome. Prizes will be awarded for the most clever.

**First drink is on us, cash bar available throughout the evening.